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Hello and a warm welcome to Border Eco Systems Ltd. We are here to provide practical solutions for biomass (wood fuel) heating, solar hot water systems, thermal storage.

Border Eco Systems can provide:

  • Biomass boiler systems stylised to your personal requirements. Be it a domestic, commercial or agricultural site, even a community project. Offering wood pellet, wood chip or wood log fuelled boilers. Wood pellet or log stoves.
  • Solar thermal is ideal for both domestic and commercial use. Solar energy is captured directly from the sun, a cost free resource, to heat hot water. Meeting 50-70% of annual hot water demands; the summer time figure can be as high as 100%!
  • Heatbanks intergrate multi-fuel heating sources, renewables and traditional, to provide thermal storage in both domestic and commercial situations. By simultaneously connecting biomass boilers, pellet stoves, solar thermal panels, wood burners, radiators, underfloor heating, heat pumps, gas and oil boilers.
  • Maintenance & Servicing. To harness the most of your biomass power source we recommend an annual service. A little “tender loving care” to ensure the optimum efficiencies of 21st century technology. And, just in case, we are here for maintenance procedures.

Border Eco Systems can take you through concept and design, to installation and commissioning. Then beyond to servicing, maintenance and fuel supply.

We are delighted that you are taking time to explore our website.

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For further information or to discuss details of any project please find contact details on our contact page.

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