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March 2017

biomass district heating boilers

convert muck into fuel

Border Eco Systems team are laying pipework at the site of a new Anaerobic Digestion plant in St Boswells.

AD generates biogas, a by-product of this will be heat. Heat that will be used at this site, in an agricultural drying floor.

Standhill Farm

Following an inital visit to Holland in 2015 to carry out research and inspect commercial greenhouses, Border Eco Systems heating & plumbing work continues at Standhill Farm where they are growing the most delicious tomatoes

Read all about it

April's edition of Build It magazine has an excellent article on a Border Eco Systems district heating design and install nestled in The Scottish Borders.

The magazine features a spectacular a contemporary home with underfloor heating running off an efficent, woodchip district heating system.

Read more about our great range of heating under Renewable Energy & Stoves.

thermatech stoves scottish borders

Pellet supplies

For those customers already on an Annual Fuel Plan your 2017-18 quotes will be with you by the end of this financial year.

If you are interested in an Annual Fuel Plan for your heating pellet supplies please get in touch: telephone 01835 869 669 / email

Border Eco Systems is a BSL approved trader of ENplus A1 bagged premium wood pellets and briquettes. We always have pellets and briquettes in stock.

Approved Installer

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